'Ben from Chesterfield' speaks about THAT one-night stand on Blackpool beach

A Chesterfield man - who was exposed on social media for having a one-night stand on Blackpool beach while in a relationship - has apologised for his 'drunken mistake'.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22 November, 2018, 09:57
Blackpool beach.

On Sunday, @_ivannna posted on Twitter: "If your boyfriend is called Ben from Chesterfield and he was in Blackpool last night, he sh***ed my mate on the beach and only told her this morning he had a girlfriend."

Now, Ben Green has told Mail Online that he regretted the sordid sex in the sand that freezing night - and claimed he was 'chatted up' by the unnamed woman who knew he was in a relationship.

He said: "My side of the story is that the bird knew I had a girlfriend after I showed her a picture of her while she was trying to chat me up.

"Unfortunately I got really drunk and she got her way.

"I'm paying for it now but it was just a drunken mistake that I regret and them birds knew exactly what they was doing."

The mother of Kayleigh Bettney - Ben's girlfriend - told The Sun Online: "He did move out about two weeks ago but they were still together.

"It’s not nice.

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"Kayleigh is still distraught about what has gone on - anyone would be in her position."

However, one of Ben's pals insisted he was not a 'love rat'.

She said: "They have had an up and down relationship.

"It's all nonsense - he's done nothing wrong."

Meanwhile, a Twitter account called Justice4Ben has been set up.

It describes him as a 'top lad' who has been getting a 'rough time over his weekend antics in Blackpool'.

Referring to the girl who had sex with Ben, the account claims: "She knew all about the girflfriend and she still did it!"