Bemused by comments on our libraries

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As a frequent library user who values the pivotal role libraries play in our local communities, I was bemused by MJ S6’s comments (The Star 26/7/13).

It is a matter of record that at no time during the previous administration were there any plans from either myself or the Lib Dems to close a single library in Sheffield. Indeed, despite similar budgetary constraints, the Lib Dems invested in Hillsborough library and left Labour an overall multi-million pound council budget surplus, thanks to sound financial management.

Compare that to the £1.6m cut to libraries under the current Labour-run council which threatens 14 of the city’s 27 community libraries with closure.

MJ’s claims echo those of so many local Labour politicians: never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Steve Ayris

Graves Park Liberal Democrats