Belly-busting humour

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I chuckled at Whitworth’s brilliant cartoon, which appeared on the letters page, July 30, showing the Wombles discussing Sheffield’s litter problem.

But for real belly busting humour I have to hand it to Tom Machell who stated, in his letter, that immigrants have no idea that they will be granted bigger and better benefits in Britain until after they’ve actually arrived here.

Does this include those who travel thousands of miles across Europe, and who are invading the Channel tunnel daily, in a desperate attempt to escape the safe haven of France?

I was in awe of his very generous finishing line which said that the immigrants were welcome here. Did he mean that these healthy young men could actually live with him, in his own house?

I, along with most other English people will always try to help anyone in real need, including our own, but when the generosity is abused we do not want to be berated for saying how it is.

I am also withholding my name for fear of being attacked for (quote) ‘holding such odious views’ in a land where freedom of expression was once paramount.

Ordinary bloke