Beekeepers are ‘A-grade’

Sheffield's beekeepers
Sheffield's beekeepers
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Beekeeping in Sheffield is on the up after nine new keepers passed their first assessments this year.

Despite the Sheffield Beekeepers Association being only four years old, all nine of the beekepers who took their basic assessment this year have passed, on top of 17 in 2013.

The test is for beekeepers who have kept bees for at least one year, and is conducted while inspecting a colony, with an oral test at the end.

Those who pass are considered able to undertake all the management required to successfully keep the honey-producing insects.

A second assessment can then be taken, either through a General Husbandry exam or through separate theoretical modules, on the path to becoming a ‘master beekeeper’.

The British Beekeepers’ Association stressed the importance of honey bee colonies, as populations are in decline the world over – often attributed to climate change and the human impact on habitats.

Paul Flannigan, training and education officer for Sheffield Beekeepers Association, said: “SBA has done the double, with 100 per cent pass rates in the British Beekeepers Basic Assessment for the second year running.

“Many members have built on this success with passes in the more advanced exams and practical assessments.”