Bedroom tax is just so sickening

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Tenants are being bullied with this offensive bedroom tax - the majority of those affected are on incapacity benefit, over 450,000 nationally.

How can it be fair if it is not applied to every tenant?

OAPs, for example, are safe from it, as are full paying tenants, surely this is a case of targeting the most vulnerable members of society.

Then there is the issue of the value of the property.

Residing tenants after so long get up to £68,000 discount if they buy their house. The ‘hands off’ taking of this potential asset could put people into an untenable position, making them move into a smaller cheap property with no garden.

Then there is the issue of heavy investment into the home and garden, will this be refunded?

Then we ask, who pays for moving, refitting bathrooms and kitchens, and expensive floor coverings, new curtains, garden fittings and plants, bushes etc?

Refitting carpets and decorating is expensive.

Then there is the social cost of isolating these people from their friends, family and neighbours.

Oh and just to rub the salt in they are going to freeze benefits to 1% and make people pay rates they didn’t previously need to pay, out of the pittance they offensively call the legal amount required to live on.

What sickens me most about this is that the three major parties have a hand in it and the House of Lords let it pass, all under the false guise of austerity.

I feel sure that if this was challenged in the courts at home or Europe, it would be squashed for being against human rights.

Is there anyone out there willing to take them on?

If all those affected nationally chucked a couple of pounds into a kitty then there would be over £1 million available to fund a good legal team.

I would have expected to see this kind of medieval behaviour from King John but not from King Cameron.

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