Beckhams united IN backing Bremain

Celebrity family The Beckhams are keeping it IN the family when it comes to tomorrow's EU vote.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 3:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 3:23 pm
Beckhams - united in Euro goal

Fashion designer model Victoria today criticised Leave.EU for trying to “put a spin” on past comments.

The one-time WAG's Instagram message reads: "In response to the campaign, who have today tried to put a spin on quotes made 20 years ago about keeping or losing the pound, I have to say strongly my comments were not about this referendum and should not be misused in this way!

"I believe in my country, I believe in a future for my children where we are stronger together, and I support the #remain campaign @strongerineurope"

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The message follows football golden boy David's assertion his goal is to stay in Europe.

As The Star reported yesterday the 41-year-old father of three, who boasts 24.3 million Facebook followers, also used its photo-sharing network to drive home the point.

Meanwhile a former fellow international also publicly backed Bremain after similarly claiming he was “misrepresented” as a supporter of Vote Leave, maintaining he “made it clear” to Michael Gove’s campaign he does not want Britain to quit Europe.

Legendary Liverpool winger John Barnes said: “I was surprised when I got a text from my son saying Mr Gove has said that I support the Leave campaign.

"How this happened is that I gave an interview stating that, for English footballers, it would be better off being out of the EU, because of course we couldn’t get all of these European players as easily. So it would be better for English footballers.

“That was then misinterpreted as I am supporting the Leave campaign. I got a phone call the very next day, this is about a month ago, saying thank you very much for your support. I made it categorically clear, speaking from the point of view of English footballers, it will be better off.

“But I do not support the Leave campaign, but that is a very selfish view of just me looking at English football. I think about what is right for the country. I made it plain that I do not support them. I support the Remain. And they said thank you very much, we won’t be contacting you again. That’s why I'm very surprised to hear my name being called in terms of the supporting the Leave campaign.”

Barnes and Beckham are wingers in Stronger In XI of high-profile players backing Bremain - see here who else wants us to stay, and play, in Europe.