Beautiful Suki is looking for a caring home

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SHE’S a dog who comes in Christmas colours.

That’s Suki, a sleek crossbreed collie and husky, who is a gorgeous mix of red and white. All she needs to complete this seasonal scene is you.

RSPCA Sheffield Branch animal care manager Tony Benham described Suki, who is almost two years old, as a stunning, sweet-natured dog.

He added: “Her colouring is like that of a dog from a Christmas card, although she’s more Collie in her shape than Husky. Brought in to the centre originally by an inspector, she was underweight and needed some loving care.” But she has no known health problems and it’s now ‘ready, set, go’ to find a new home for our crossbreed beauty.

Tony said: “Suki is very bright, gentle, enjoys taking in the world and is full of energy. As you’d expect with a dog with a mix of two working dog breeds, she will need extra mental and physical stimulation from her new owners.

“Ideally, they will have some experience or interest in agility or obedience training and they should be willing to play something like ‘fly ball’ when they take Suki on walks to keep her interested and focused. In this sense, Suki is not your standard domestic pet dog – though a soft, steady soul, she craves and needs stimulation.

“It’s easy to instantly take to her and she certainly loves people.

“Like most dogs, she adores playing with her toys and she has a real love of life.

“As, on occasion, Suki is excitable and bouncy, a home with children over the age of 13, would be best.

“Suki could occupy her new home with another dog but her canine companion would need to be submissive whilst playful in nature.”

RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open every day except from 12.30pm until 3.30pm and can be contacted on 0114 2898050.