BEAST FROM THE EAST: Snow showers expected throughout the day

Graves Park (Pic: Kathryn Fawcett)
Graves Park (Pic: Kathryn Fawcett)

Further snow showers are expected across South Yorkshire today as the Beast from the East continues to bite.

As freezing air from Siberia sweeps across the region, causing snow storms, the Met Office is warning that the showers will continue throughout the day.

A spokesman said: "It will be very cold with scattered heavy snow showers continuing to give further accumulations through the day across most parts, with strong easterly winds giving blizzard conditions, drifting and severe wind chill.

"There will perhaps be fewer showers later in the afternoon."

Temperatures will struggle to get above -1C.

There will be fewer showers overnight but winds will remain strong giving a continuing risk of drifting of lying snow.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -5C.