BEAST FROM THE EAST: Sheffield motorists told to avoid travelling during rush-hour as heavy snow forecast

Lynsey Connelly, highways operations manager for Streets Ahead.
Lynsey Connelly, highways operations manager for Streets Ahead.
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Drivers in Sheffield have been told to only travel if 'absolutely necessary' on Tuesday with heavy snow expected to hit the city overnight and into the morning rush hour.

That was the message from Sheffield's gritting boss as the so-called Beast from the East sweeps it was across the UK.

Lynsey Connelly, highways operations manager for Streets Ahead, said light snow showers and flurries were expected throughout Monday before becoming more frequent and heavy overnight.

"Our forecast is saying snow showers this afternoon and this evening which will give a light covering but the heaviest band of snow will be from around 6am and we're expecting around 2 to 5cm," she said.

"It will hit rush hour and the snow is going to come in a short space of time and be quite heavy so it could cause quite a bit of chaos and people should only travel during the morning rush-hour if they absolutely have to."

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The Beast from the East is expected to blow in freezing temperatures from Siberia as Britain becomes colder than the Arctic Circle.

Warnings have been issued by the Met Office, Highways England and the AA as heavy snowfall, snow drifts, high winds and temperatures well below freezing are predicted.

Caused by the warming of air above the Arctic, the conditions have caused the Polar Vortex to stretch further south than usual and it will hit Britain today.