Beards, bagels and boiled eggs among kids' big fears!

Dogs and the dark are among British children's worst fears.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 11:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 7:52 am
Partick Thistles terrifying mascot Kingsley in pursuit of Pudsey Bear. Photo: John Devlin
Partick Thistles terrifying mascot Kingsley in pursuit of Pudsey Bear. Photo: John Devlin

Bizarrely boiled eggs, bagels and beards also number among 40 factors that most worry youngsters, according to new research, here accompanied by grown-ups' greatest fear poll - so adults don't feel left out in afraid stakes - that also includes arachnophobia, and (still not for faint-hearted 27 years on) Stephen King's IT Trailer complete with coulrophobic Pennywise.

Other common phobias are monsters beneath beds, tooth fairies and going to the loo too.

More unusual fears kids also admit to include buttons, gravy and sound of cutlery rubbing together with one child scared their hair would blow off in the wind.

Despite recent spate of killer clowns, notably here in South Yorkshire, creepy circus performers figure no higher than number 12.

Research of 1,582 parents with children aged 16 and under was commissioned to celebrate this week's "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" DVD release.

Author Michael Rosen, former British Children's Laureate, said: "The film will show children that it's a good thing to face up to our fears and worries."

On average respondents revealed their offspring have three phobias, typically developing them around three years and ten months old.

One cited their child being afraid of mushrooms, another's didn't like red cars while one l'il 'un bursts into tears on seeing anyone but their mum wear hats.

A parent said their kid is scared of hand dryers, another's offspring is afraid of colour green while socks phobia troubles one fearful child.


1. Spiders

2. The Dark

3. Monsters under the bed/in the cupboard

4. Thunder and lightning

5. Wasps

6. Being alone

7. Loud noises

8. People wearing masks

9. Dogs

10. Strangers

11. Dentists

12. Clowns

13. Ghosts

14. Needles

15. Snakes

16. Moths

17. Death

18. Costume Characters (eg Football mascots, characters at theme parks)

19. Heights

20. Zombies

21. Doctors

22. Toilets & Bathrooms

23. Blood

24. Sharks

25. Loneliness

26. Bears

27. Cats

28. Loss

29. Ants

30. Santa Claus

31. Flying

32. Worms

33. Dolls

34. Water

35. Birds

36. Cars and other vehicles

37. Butterflies

38. Fish

39. Forests

40. Tooth Fairy