Be thankful for H&S Act

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I have just read the statement in today’s Letters, (August 27), which begins “The Health and Safety Act does not make any sense...’’ and felt I needed to reply.

If the requirements of the H&S at Work Act were to be followed, accidents at air shows would be dramatically reduced.

If risk assessments, (the basic requirements of the HSW Act), were properly undertaken and the results were to be fully implemented, then deaths and injuries of people standing in fields watching from below, would be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Unfortunately, we have a culture of ‘it will never happen to me’ in this country, often promoted by people who can only see an opportunity to make a fast buck where health and safety are seen as an unnecessary and unwanted expense.

Since 1974 the HSW Act has protected people at work from many of the exploitations and severities of sham and unscrupulous employers.

We should be thankful that this Act exists, not make it the scapegoat of everything that ever goes wrong.

It should be noted that the current government would like to re-write the HSW Act to ‘reduce red tape’.

God help us.

Dennis Pinder

by email