Be fairer to special needs children instead of bad kids

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This letter is for all the parents out there, who have children with special needs, learning difficulties, or who just need a bit of extra help in their education. I am a parent with a child who needs help, I have fought tooth and nail, and still no help.

Now the following facts. If I were a parent who’d brought my child up with no boundaries, consequences, respect of values, then that child would receive all the help the child needs in education.

I don’t know if people are aware, but if a child refuses to attend school because they don’t want to go, and the parents don’t make them go, as that would be hard work (like parenting is), then there are facilities that pander to those children’s whims of not conforming to everyday life.

There are two of those facilities that I know about. One called the Pitsop on Housley Park, S35, and one called ED Lounge at Campbell Way, Dinnington. These facilities are called Alternative Provision for 11 – to 16-year-olds. They offer one to one in education, and the child can choose to do things that they like. That could mean visiting Red Tape Studios in town, or go to a museum or bowling. Little treats to run alongside their education.

I know there are children who will attend the above facilities, and they deserve a chance. I also know there are children whoattend that facility, who are naughty unruly kids, who have parents who don’t know how to say no to their child, and have zero parenting skills or are just lazy. Consequently, it’s everyone else’s problem to deal with these kids.

The cost for those facilities must be astronomical. Myself and many other parents don’t get extra help for their child, due to lack of money. Even though our kids have had the time, effort and love put into them.

Is this fair?