Be dog smart in the heat

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Dogs, just like humans, can feel hot and bothered and perhaps a little grumpy in the hot weather. So Dogs Trust would like to remind families about the charity’s dog safety campaign Be Dog Smart which has some useful tips to help keep children safe around dogs this summer.

A recent survey found that pulling his tail, sitting on him and disturbing his sleep are just some of the antagonising ways children can act around dogs. Almost a third of parents (32 per cent) would let their child approach or pet dogs they don’t know and 44 per cent would leave a child under the age of 11 alone with a dog. Dog owners need to be responsible for their pets and it is important for children to know how to act around dogs. Our website is packed full of advice such as never leaving a child alone with any dog, never disturb dogs that are eating or sleeping and how to react if a dog comes up to you. Carers and teachers can also request a Be Dog Smart workshop with one of our 22 Education Officers across the UK.

Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust chief executive

17 Wakley Street, London