Be clear over axing libraries

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HOW much money will be saved by cutting the number of libraries in Sheffield?

It’s a good question which does not seem to be getting a clear answer.

But while the politicians argue about figures and who is to blame, the rest of us wonder what is going on.

Closing libraries was always going to be a difficult issue which needed transparency and understanding.

At the moment, we are getting little of either so it’s no wonder the public feels let down.

What cannot be under-estimated is people’s desire to keep libraries open. This has been shown by community groups who are already expressing an interest in running them.

Then there’s the public consultation which shows people want libraries saved and are willing to pay extra for this to happen.

So regardless of the rights and wrongs of the decisions, we would urge the council to be clear about what it is doing and why. Nothing less will do.

We deserve to know the truth

THE battle for Orgreave was fractious, emotional and violent and no doubt the normal rules of engagement were ignored.

Nearly 30 years later, the bitterness is still there, which is just one reason why it is appropriate that the Independent Police Complaints Commission must ensure it investigates properly.

What cannot be accepted is a cover-up under the guise that it is just too difficult to investigate.

People lost their good names and gained criminal records as a result of the clashes of 1984.

And now, in the light of the scandal that involved police officers at Hillsborough, the conduct of officers serving South Yorkshire Police at the time need to be reviewed.

We do not know if there is a case to answer, but what we do know is that the public are entitled to transparency and the police force today is entitled to emerge from this inquiry without the shadow of suspicion hanging over it.

If wrongdoing is uncovered let it be properly dealt with.

Butchers benefit

THE horse meat scandal has provided an unexpected windfall for traditional butchers shops.

People have been flocking to high street and market butchers after turning their backs on supermarkets. It’s always good to see the traditional shops thrive and we hope they continue to flourish in such difficult times.