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Star readers may wonder what Paul Blomfield was referring to in his letter of April 30. His comments concern a recent leaflet which set out six key policy differences and compared the voting records of Green and Labour MPs.

The Greens are against austerity, whereas all but five Labour MPs voted with the Coalition Government for £30 billion of public service spending cuts.

We oppose privatising the NHS whereas Labour first brought in private providers and would allow them to continue profiting from it.

We would abolish tuition fees, whereas Labour introduced them and only proposes to reduce them to £6,000 a year.

We would bring bus services back into public control but only 14 Labour MPs – not including Paul Blomfield – signed Caroline Lucas’ Early Day Motion on re-regulation.

We oppose nuclear weapons and fracking, whereas only 19 Labour MPs supported a recent motion against replacing Trident and only 21 voted for a moratorium on fracking.

The House of Commons voting system does not record abstentions, so we used the term “absent when the vote was taken” to indicate that Paul Blomfield did not vote against austerity, Trident or fracking.

If elected as an MP, I will stand up and be counted on the difficult issues.

We will not solve austerity, militarisation and climate change unless we are bold enough to break out of the status quo.

Jillian Creasy

Green Party