Be a good loser, forget it

Just when is Carol Sykes going to stop whining and whingeing about the Brexit vote?

I know a few people who act as Carol does. I bet as a child when playing board games if she lost the board would be thrown in the air. Get over it Carol, be a good loser and forget it.

David Cameron kept his promise and cleared off ,knowing he had lost to a majority vote, so I think I can speak for the 52 per cent who don’t agree with you in saying be a good loser and do something worthwhile.

Such as hug some trees.

David Mitchell

by email

Three Stars Anniversary

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Guitarist Tommy Allsup died on January 11, but he was perhaps best known for ‘’losing’’ the toss of a coin.

It was he who gave up his seat, on a small private plane, following that fateful toss, to the young singer, Ritchie Valens, during the Winter Dance Party tour of 1959.

Ritchie Valens died that night, along with Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and pilot Roger Peterson, when the plane crashed after take-off.

It made Tommy feel like the luckiest man alive, although at times he felt consumed with guilt, that he hadn’t been on the plane.

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The crash had the effect of making legends of the three stars, especially Buddy Holly, who had appeared at Sheffield City Hall the previous year, and whose music is still popular and influential today.

Don McLean described it as “The day the music died’’, in his song, American Pie, but Buddy Holly’s music hasn’t died, and will not fade away, as long as it is still played by retro bands, such as Sheffield’s Hillbilly Cats.

They will be at the Railway Hotel, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge, on Friday, the 58th anniversary of the plane crash.

In between live sets, I will be playing songs by Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens, along with other associated singers, so if you have a favourite you would like to hear, come along and request it.

The music starts about 8.45pm, and admission is free.

Mike Lawton


Identity credentials

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Is it because of ‘globalisation’ – first time I’ve used the word – that in a country that turned its back on identity cards that we have to produced umpteen docs to establish our credentials these days?

Why don’t we all sign up to be microchipped and save all this photocopying and checking?

Ron Clayton

1984 Rue Meldrew, S6

RIP Many Clouds

RIP, Many Clouds, the former Grand National winner who collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack at Cheltenham this weekend.

Of course, it didn’t take a crystal ball to predict that he would die while racing, given that he’d been raced nearly to death at last year’s Grand National and had needed oxygen and treatment immediately afterwards just to stay alive.

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And his death will by no means be the last in the racing industry, which routinely pushes horses beyond the breaking point.

No decent person should tolerate allowing animals to suffer and even pay the ultimate price for humans’ cruel pursuits.

Jennifer White


Democracy would lose

In response to Carol Sykes, Administrator of the 48% Remain voters, The Star, January 30, 2017.

As a member of the 52% Brexit group I ask her what does she not understand about the dictionary definition of the word democracy?

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Yet again she has seen fit to attack Paul Blomfield, a Sheffield Labour MP for being a man of principle, who has respected the wishes of the democratic majority in the EU Referendum, and is in favour of voting for Article 50.

She chides Mr Blomfield for his lateness in responding to constituents who are members of the 48%.

In fairness to him, he must receive a great deal of correspondence from both Leave and Remain supporters, he has at least replied to her.

Compare his positive response with the non-existent one of Angela Smith who voted against the wishes of the 61 per cent leave majority in her constituency by opposing triggering Article 50.

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A majority of 1.5 million is hardly a ‘wafer thin’ one. The people voted to take the UK out of the EU – end of story.

Carol and her fellow 48% should accept the democratic will of the whole electorate and while they may not wish to support the Government in negotiating a favourable Brexit, they should certainly refrain from putting obstacles in its way.

If the Remain vote had won the day, would Carol and her followers be causing such a fuss?

If the Brexit supporters asked for a second referendum and tried to put obstacles in the way of the Remain victors what would her response be?

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I suggest that she would tell everyone that a democratic vote had taken place and that the majority decision should prevail!

Contrary to Carol’s wish, in the best interests of your constituents Mr Blomfield, and those of the UK 52% majority, please vote to trigger Article 50.

If people do not respect the democratic principle, calls for further referenda could go on ad infinitum and democracy would be the loser.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Are pupils protected?

I often wonder whether the young children who attend Valley Park Community Primary School, Norton Avenue, Sheffield, are adequately protected from the ever increasing traffic that speeds along Norton Avenue dual carriageway causing pollution from vehicle exhausts.

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The school is very close to the carriageway. Whether tests have been made to see if there is a danger to the school one can only guess.

What became of the 40mph limit?

It’s more like 60 or 70mph these days.

EB Warris

by email

Fox House fall help

Thank you to the two doctors who gave first aid to my brother in the car park at Fox House after he had a fall on January 25.

Also to other walkers who showed their concern.

We are very grateful for their help.

Mrs F Phillips