Battle to win hearts on bins

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SHEFFIELD Council has a battle to win the hearts and minds of its residents if it is to successfully transfer its refuse collection to fortnightly.

Firstly, it has to convince people of the need to go fortnightly and the savings that will deliver.

But equally important is the necessity to persuade more people to carry out more recycling of their rubbish.

The move to fortnightly collection will stand or fall by the success of the recycling system.

Unless it can persuade more people to recycle, merely changing to fortnightly bin rounds will be an unmitigated disaster. Bins will fill to overflowing and black bags will be left on the roadside.

Sheffield is one of the few councils still to have weekly collections - and as a result it has failed to convince people of the recycling argument. Its provision of recycling services at doorstep level is confused and lacks uniformity across the city.

Residents will need to be given easy means to recycle paper, card, glass, plastics and tins with clear rules and consistent provision of bins.

Alongside the provision of service will have to be an overt publicity drive, which will be costly and eat into first-year savings, to win the recycling hearts.

Unless it delivers on increasing recycling, this council’s tenure in office will be defined by its failure to deliver a credible rubbish collection service.

The bell tolls for Cathedral protest

AT last, legal action is expected to be taken against the anti-capitalist protesters on the Cathedral forecourt.

Protesters have been given endless opportunities to leave peacefully, but having declined those, must face the consequences.

They have made their point, had their protest, now it is time to go.

The patience of Cathedral leaders has been remarkable. But as the Dean of Sheffield says, there is now no choice other than to take legal action.

Our home truths

PLANS to build 1,100 homes in Sheffield will divide opinion, but one thing is sure - as much information as possible is needed as soon as possible.

They key to the issue is detail. It is vital all parties are made aware of all relevant facts as quickly as possible.

Only then can transparent and informed decisions be made. We hope all affected consider the evidence and make decisions for the greater good of the city.