'˜Baroness Babs' needs lots of care

Could you give a loving home to adorable Babs?

Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:11 am
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 10:15 am
Give a cat a home? Babs

Babs the cat first arrived at Sheffield Animal Centre last March due to welfare concerns.

The 11-year-old domestic shorthair had a sore, infected wound on her tail base and was taken straight to the vets for treatment.

RSPCA Sheffield spokesman Adam Spencer said: “On arrival with us here at the centre, ‘Baroness Babs’ - as she’s become known - was unhappy and wouldn`t interact at all with her carers, choosing instead to hide away in her safe den.

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“She struggled to trust us, and would hiss, spit and even lash out at us at times. She would spend the daytime in her safe place and then emerge at night when no one was around.

“More recently, Babs has started to show interest in her surroundings, lounging lazily whilst staff are around, and eating her meals in the open. She’s also been put on pain relief for arthritis, which has made her much happier.

“Although Babs made some progress, we thought that in a home she would make even more, so she moved into a foster home with one of her carers where she we could monitor her in a home environment and give her more one to one care.

“She’s made huge progress with her foster mummy, and seems really content in a home environment, though she is definitely a high maintenance feline, who needs her own room to retreat to, and a regular feeding and cleaning routine.

“Could you be the person to care for Baroness Babs?”

To find out more about Babs, or arrange a visit, call RSPCA Sheffield on 0114 2898050.