Barnsley road is rated as one of the worst in UK for potholes

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A South Yorkshire road has been declared one of the worst in the country for potholes.

Breakdown company Britannia Rescue rated the B6273 South Moor Road/Moor Lane in Barnsley as one of the worst.

The firm claims the country has a ‘pothole epidemic,’ with one pothole for every mile of road.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show councils nationally have paid out £2.5 million in compensation to motorists in the past financial year.

Britannia claims UK councils received 32,600 compensation claims last year for potholes ruining wheel rims, puncturing tyres and damaging suspension.

The company described road maintenance in the UK as ‘severely under-funded’ with around £16 spent per driver on maintaining road surfaces and fixing potholes.