Barnsley pupils given money management lessons

Pupils at Outwood Academy, Shafton were taught valuable lessons in saving, spending and how best to manage their money at a recent workshop organised by The Money Charity and HML, the Yorkshire-based mortgage servicing company.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 11:00 am

HML recently donated £20,000 to The Money Charity to support the delivery of 100 hours of classes to around 2,500 young people at schools and colleges across Yorkshire.

The session was delivered by an expert presenter and provided the building blocks to sound money management, including a chance for students themselves to discuss the issues and take away materials to help with budgeting and planning.

Andrew Jones, Chief Executive Officer at HML, said: “We feel it is very important to teach young people about financial matters as it will help them greatly when they go out into the world of work.

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“As a mortgage servicing business we experience first-hand some of the difficulties families face in making ends meet and we feel that holding these sessions will provide the building blocks for youngsters’ future financial stability.

“At HML, we are fully committed to supporting the creation of a Northern Powerhouse and supporting communities and sharing knowledge is a key part of that. We believe in investing in the future of people across Yorkshire and beyond.”

Jayne Carr, Association Assistant Principal at Shafton Academy, said: “Both the staff and pupils at the school are extremely grateful to HML and The Money Charity for the lessons they have provided.

“Young people face many financial challenges when they leave education so equipping them with the tools to make sound financial choices is very important.”

HML has a history of engaging with local schools and other institutions as well as undertaking charitable work, with the staff at its Skipton headquarters donating over £600,000 to charity over the last 20 years.

Six hundred and fifty people work at HML’s headquarters in Skipton, with 90% of them living within a 15-mile radius of the office.