Barnsley photographer’s warning over shots of newborn babies

Baby safety is key
Baby safety is key
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A South Yorkshire photographer has warned new parents against allowing their babies to be posed for arty newborn shots, by photographers not following proper safety procedures.

Adele Haywood, a specialist newborn photographer in Barnsley, issued the warning after stories made headlines recently of babies being allowed to fall during photoshoots with franchises based in baby stores.

Adele told The Star that many creative newborn shots are - and should be - the result of clever editing.

She said: “Newborn photography has exploded in recent years and there are stunning photographs around of babies in sleepy poses in baskets, on suitcases or swings - all taken very safely, as two or three shots composited together.

“The problem is, parents request these photos, not knowing they’ve been created - or worse, unwittingly attempt to recreate them at home. When someone without the correct training attempts to replicate these shots, babies are put at risk. A specialist newborn session can last between two and four hours in temperature controlled rooms and the baby’s safety is always the main focus.

“Obviously we can’t monitor the entire photography population, but we can reduce the problem by making parents aware.”

Emma Canham, of the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association, said: “We see images that show babies feet are purple from restricted blood supply or from being left to get cold. “We see photos where babies have clearly been left to balance in an unsupported pose, potentially restricting their airways or putting pressure on their delicate joints. It’s a real problem.”