Barnsley parents lose legal bid to have daughter returned

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The parents of a five-year-old girl have lost a legal bid to have their daughter returned.

The Barnsley couple ended up in court after the youngster was taken into care and placed with a foster carer amid concerns for her welfare.

In earlier proceedings, a family judge deemed her to be at risk in her family, which was ‘characterised by neglect’.

The parents had a volatile relationship and had failed to meet the girl’s health needs.

Their ‘method of engagement’ with the children was simply to shout, the Family Court heard.

Before Judge Annabel Carr QC, the parents claimed they had turned their lives around and were now fully capable of looking after their daughter.

Barnsley Council contested their application and applied for the girl to be placed for adoption.

Judge Carr said: “This case is not about whether or not the parents love the girl, it is whether or not they are capable of caring for her following the upbringing that she received whilst in their care.”

The judge rejected their bid for the girl’s return, but also dismissed the council’s adoption application.

She will remain in long-term foster care.