Barnsley MP votes against badger culls

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Barnsley MP Michael Dugher has voted in Parliament to halt badger culls and discontinue the granting of further licenses, in order to examine alternative strategies which focus on badger vaccination and cattle movement restrictions.

The vote was won by 219 votes to 1, with MPs claiming badger culls have done nothing to prevent Bovine TB and may have lead to the spread of the disease.

The Government insists the culls are working.

Mr Dugher, for Labour, said: “David Cameron’s cull has been a catastrophic failure for farmers, taxpayers and wildlife - it is a humiliation for the Government, who have turned their backs on evidence-based policy. This is why I voted against the cull, and is why I have opposed the culls from the start.

“I have always supported a science-led approach to stopping the spread of Bovine TB, and the fact is that the cull is not supported by science.

“We must focus on the vaccination of badgers and cattle herd movement restrictions.

“Whilst these may not be complete solutions, they are at least a step in the right direction.”