Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis rules himself out for leader

Dan Jarvis MP
Dan Jarvis MP
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Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis has ruled himself out of the Labour leadership contest, despite being one of the front runners to replace Ed Miliband.

Mr Jarvis released a statement tonight which said: “I’m ready to serve in that rebuilding process as part of the Labour team. But I can’t do that as leader at this moment and I won’t be putting my name forward in the coming leadership contest. .

“It’s not the right time for my family. My eldest kids had a very tough time when they lost their mum and I don’t want them to lose their dad. I need some space for them, my wife and our youngest child right now, and I wouldn’t have it as leader...”

Mr Jarvis was elected in Barnsley Central with a majority of more than 20,000 on Friday morning.