Barnsley man jailed over cannabis found in car and home

A Barnsley man has been jailed after being found with cannabis in his car and home.

Friday, 7th July 2017, 4:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:53 am
A man has been jailed after being found with cannabis in his car and home

Gavin Thornton, aged 27, of Poplar Terrace, Royston, was caught out after being stopped by council enforcement officers in November last year for a dog-fouling offence.

They saw him lock his keys in his car and walk away.

When police officers were alerted to his behaviour they called at his house for his spare keys and searched his vehicle.

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They found a bag containing 18 wraps of cannabis.

When they searched his home they found four cannabis plants growing in his loft.

PC Paul Allen said: “Due to Thornton’s suspicious behaviour and the fact he had left the area to begin with, officers searched his car.

“On opening the car door, we were met with a strong smell of cannabis and a small plastic bag fell out of the car, which we found contained 18 wraps of cannabis.

“Thornton was immediately arrested and after a subsequent search of his house, we also found four cannabis plants in the loft.

“He was clearly in possession of the drugs with a view to growing more and potentially dealing to members of the public - an offence police will always take robust action against.

“This is another quantity of drugs we have removed from the streets and we are committed to identifying and eliminating this kind of criminality from Barnsley.

“If you have any concerns about drugs in your area, please report it to us."

Thornton was jailed for 10 months at Sheffield Crown Court for possession with intent to supply Class B drugs.