Barnsley house blast caused by dog chewing deodorant can

Mathew Heckler with Zeus
Mathew Heckler with Zeus
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This is the damage caused by a teething dog which bit through a can of deodorant – and caused a window-shattering explosion.

Six-month-old saluki greyhound cross Zeus, who has since been sold, chewed through a can of Lynx and caused an explosion so intense it shattered a double glazed bay window in his owners’ house, blew through the floorboards and set fire to the sofa.

Kerry Leech and Mathew Heckler outside their home in Goldthorpe.

Kerry Leech and Mathew Heckler outside their home in Goldthorpe.

Kerry Leech, aged 20, and her partner Matthew Heckler, 22, said they are thankful they were out of their home in Goldthorpe, near Barnsley, when the can exploded.

Firefighters initially suspected the explosion was due to a gas blast.

But after checks revealed no evidence of a leak, they now believe Zeus chewed through an aerosol can next to the boiler in the house on Frederick Street, causing gases to leak.

It is thought that when the central heating came on just minutes later, a spark ignited the gas and caused the explosion.

Matthew, who is currently unemployed, said: “I didn’t even know we had a can of Lynx in the living room.

“It was a Christmas present from Kerry’s parents and was in a gift box underneath a table – right next to the fire and back boiler.

“It is just one of those awful coincidences I suppose – moments after Zeus chewed through the can, the back boiler must have ignited.

“Poor old Zeus is lucky he didn’t chew that can a few minutes later or he’d probably be dead now.”

Kerry said: “We had only left the house 10 minutes before the explosion.

“But while we were out we received a text from our neighbour saying our house had blown up, then we were told the living room window had blown out.

“I was panicking about our pets so we rushed back. When we got there we saw flashing lights, two fire engines outside the house, the street was blocked off and there were so many people on the street having a look what was going off.

“We thought someone had put something through the letterbox or there had been a gas explosion.”

Matthew added: “When we got inside the house we saw that the explosion had completely smashed out our bay window.

“It had also cracked the fireplace, all the floorboards underneath the explosion had been destroyed, and the sofa is completely ruined – we have had to buy a new one.

“All I could think about was our pets – thankfully they were okay.”

The damage is expected to cost £2,000 to repair.

The couple’s three dogs – Zeus, two-year-old saluki collie whippet Sonic, a 15-month-old saluki collie greyhound and three cats, Mittens, Felix and Bow – escaped unscathed.