Barnsley flour mill rises to organic status

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Delighted staff at a Barnsley mill are celebrating their flour products rising to the test to receive organic status.

Worsbrough Mill’s products passed the Soil Associations Organic Status inspection with flying colours, giving customers peace of mind that its staff follow strict guidelines when producing their range of flours.

Terry Lee, one of the millers at Worsbrough, said: “As we have been members of the Traditional Corn Millers Guild for many years, we know our product has to be of a very high standard.

“The guild recognises mills that produce ‘slow food’ – that’s flour ground slowly on traditional horizontal stones, and those stones are driven by wind or water power. 
We use only British wheat which keeps the food miles to a minimum and that, along with a strict health and hygiene regime, a five-star rated service, assures our customers of a consistent quality product.

“The Soil Associations’ Organic Status approval adds a well-recognised seal to what we have strived to achieve for customers, whether it’s a 1.5kg bag to take home or a 20kg sack for bakers and restaurants.”

Worsbrough Mill has undergone many changes over the past few years with the introduction of the Millers Tea Room Café in 2013 and a new children’s play area in April.

The range of flours available includes wholemeal and white bread flour, spelt flour and rye flour, plus the team will soon be introducing another line to the range – Worsbrough Mill malted flour.

Richard Moss, assistant manager, said: “We hope the new Worsbrough Mill malted flour line will be a popular addition to our already popular range of flours on sale at the mill shop and across Yorkshire.”