Barnsley Council denies the holocaust

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Don’t talk about the war – no really, don’t!

Otherwise you may find yourself on the receiving end of Barnsley Council, which has chalked up another victory for idiocy by agreeing to what essentially amounts to Holocaust denial.

Look at it like this, Holocaust deniers claim the Nazis didn’t exist, and any attempt to annihilate European Jewry during World War Two is a myth.

In its wisdom, Barnsley Council has kiboshed a fundraising World War Two re-enactment event because some people may attempt to demonstrate to onlookers just who those responsible for killing six million fellow human beings were.

What spineless piffle! What are we to tell the next generation, that the gas chambers turned themselves on?

And who are the people that complained? I would like them to put their hands up and tell us all why they consider themselves the authors of history.

It would be nice if they (the moaners and indeed the council invertebrates that caved in) could look an injured soldier in the eye and tell them why Help For Heroes charity is now out of pocket.

Nazi guards existed. So did the Gestapo and SS. Let’s not deny people their right to know!

by James Mitchinson