Barnsley burglar stole coffee and baked beans

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A burglar who crept into a flat in Barnsley and stole jars of coffee and tins of baked beans has been told he will go to jail for at least three years if he commits another break-in.

James Thewliss, aged 32, of Milton Road, Hoyland, sneaked into the house in Pleasant View, Cudworth, on July 30 last year while the occupant was at home.

Nicola Finney, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court the back door was wide open and the house holder was socialising with friends in the front room.

Thewliss was spotted by a neighbour but told him he was looking for the householder.

He was later seen carrying bags containing the items he had stolen and the police were called.

Thewliss was arrested and some of the items stolen were found at his home.

He agreed he had knocked on the door but claimed he’d found the jars of coffee and tins of beans outside on the street.

Thewliss admitted one charge of burglary.

Andrew Smith, defending, said he was an alcoholic who had ‘no doubt spent all his money’.

Judge Sarah Wright gave Thewliss a nine month jail term, suspended for 18 months and told him if he committed another burglary he’d be jailed for a minimum of three years.