Barnsley blaze mum writes poem tribute for her beloved boys ahead of funeral today

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The heartbroken mum of two young boys killed after a horror blaze has dedicated a poem to her sons as she prepares for their joint funeral today.

Claire Sykes put pen to paper to write the heart-rending verse about her sons Jack, aged 12 and nine-year-old Paul and posted it on a Facebook page she set up in the wake of the fire as she mourned one son and willed the other to pull through.

Paul died in the blaze on Tennyson Close, Penistone, last month but Jack was pulled out alive and survived for five days before succumbing to his injuries - smoke inhalation and 56 per cent burns.

The boys had been visiting their dad, Paul, 44, who was separated from their mum, when the fire started.

Fire and police investigators ruled that the fire was started deliberately and that an accelerant had been used.

They said they are not looking for anyone in connection with the blaze.

Claire claims her estranged husband killed their children by luring them into the attic with a new train set and starting the fire, which then spread through the semi-detached house.

A funeral service for the boys is to be held at St John the Baptist Church, Penistone, at 11am today.

Mourners are urged to wear colour.

An extract of her poem reads: “I love you both so very much,

“And I loved you equally the same.

“No matter what each day would bring and even when you fought,

“We remained united in heart and thought.”

In another post on her Facebook page Claire revealed that on a walk into Penistone earlier this week her ‘tears kept falling just like the leaves off the trees’.

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