Bargain Hunt took me back in time

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A commercial electric clock on Bargain Hunt took me back to when I was younger and my company would not pay me a bonus.

On the wall was a clock that had not worked from the day it was put up. I resolved to get my bonus one way or another.

I told the manager the clock was misleading people because it was not working.

However, I was prepared to sell them a clock for £20.

“If it works I will give you £15,” he said.

I wired it with a plug and leant it against the wall. The manager was happy he had got it so cheap and told me to get the £15 from the wages clerk.

The next day the electrician wired it up flat to the wall and I could not help but grin.

The next morning the manager came by and guess what, the clock would not work.

I had got my bonus and the company had another faulty clock to look at.

Every morning the manager wondered why it hadn’t moved yet.

Frank Hardy