Barbecue causes house and garage fire in Rotherham

A barbecue in Rotherham ended in disaster when a house and garage caught fire.

Firefighters were called to Bridgewater Way, Ravenfield, after a disposable barbecue, which had been thrown away in a bin, started a blaze.

Flames spread to the side of a house and to a neighbouring garage roof.

The blaze broke out at around 2.45pm on Saturday.

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A South Yorkshire Fire and Safety spokesman said: “People are reminded to stay safe whilst enjoying the sunshine in the summer months.

“Here’s some handy safety tips to ensure your tasty plans don’t go up in smoke.

“Sit barbecues on a flat surface well away from trees, shrubs and grassland

“Keep a bucket of water or sand close by, just in case

“Never use petrol or paraffin on a barbecue, only recognised lighters and starter fuels.

“Make sure the coals have properly cooled before disposal and empty ashes onto bare soil - not into the bin.”