Banned driver jailed

Court Reports: All the latest top stories from Crown Court and Magistrates hearings throughout South Yorkshire.
Court Reports: All the latest top stories from Crown Court and Magistrates hearings throughout South Yorkshire.
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A TAXI driver’s Christmas was ruined when a car without lights ploughed him off the road and failed to stop because the owner was drunk and banned.

Cabbie David Dyas was injured for a fortnight and lost more than £2,000 in fares and tips over the festive period because of the actions of a man who has been disqualified from driving by the courts for nearly all his adult life.

Carl Frank Oates, who is 38, has been banned for the past 16 years because of his six previous convictions for driving while disqualified, Doncaster Crown Court was told by prosecutor Richard Sheldon.

The judge banned Oates for another three years for the latest offence and jailed him for 15 months for dangerous driving, which he admitted.

He was driving his Volvo along the A19 towards his home in Thompson Terrace, Askern, last Christmas Eve when the collision occurred.

The taxi driven by Mr Dyas was hit from behind by a car which was unlit.

His taxi was shunted towards a ditch and suffered extensive rear end damage.

Oates continued driving for another three-quarters of a mile even though one of the front wheels had broken from the axle and become lodged under his car.

When it eventually ground to a halt Oates fell out of the door and shouted abuse at Mr Dyas, who had followed him, before running from the scene, said Mr Sheldon.

The cabbie suffered shoulder, neck and lower back injuries and lost all his Christmas earnings because Oates was not insured.

When traced by the police Oates said he had been drinking in the pub before driving home and panicked because he was a disqualified driver.

Michael Upson, defending, said his client had only just re-established contact with his nine-year-old daughter and was on his way back home from seeing her.

The child’s mother had warned him he would have no further contact with the girl if he goes in a car again, said Mr Upson.

“He is genuinely motivated to remain offence-free and reappraise his life.

“He says he is far too old for it now, anyway.

“He has accepted full responsibility for these offences.

“His behaviour can best be described as anti-social and his thinking skills could do with some work.”

Judge Jacqueline Davies said drink must have impacted on Oates’s driving but it was impossible to say at what level because he had not been arrested at the scene.

“Because of your record and your blatant disregard of court orders I can take no other course than impose immediate custody.”

The judge said she regretted being unable to compensate Mr Dyas.