Bank Holiday weekend walk and run raise £10,000 for cancer-stricken Sheffield mum

Eilish Jennings pictured with her children Elise, Billy and Tom.
Eilish Jennings pictured with her children Elise, Billy and Tom.
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More than £10,000 was raised in support of cancer-stricken Sheffield mum-of-three who is desperate to see her children grow up.

It takes the grand total raised to help Eilish Jennings get specialist treatment abroad not available on the NHS to more than £160,000.

Eilish, 36, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2016 when 34 weeks pregnant with twins and went on to have a double mastectomy and was told the treatment had been successful.

But she was dealt the devastating blow that cancer had returned in March - on the second birthday of her twin boys - and was told it was something that wasn't curable on the NHS.

Her devoted friends and family launched a campaign in the hope of raising £300,000 to fund the treatment and a sponsored run brought in £6,000 on Saturday and a walk on Sunday raised £4,000.

Eilish's partner Simon Hobson said: "I have never really stopped to think about the fundraising to be honest because it was set up by our friends and we just let them deal with it.

"The support has been amazing but we are just focusing on Eilish. She had a scan on Tuesday and has had three bouts of chemotherapy so far with another three to come.

"We're expecting to get the results by the end of next week so we're keeping our fingers crossed."

Eilish has also been to Portugal to see a specialist and hopes to return. She said she was seeking the treatment abroad so that she could see her 'beautiful children' - Elise, Billy and Tom grow up.

Sports memorabilia and tickets will be on offer an auction to raise funds for the Eilish Fund at the Genting Casino, Arudel Gate, on Saturday, May 19.

The event will also include live music from Andrew Cox and Lucy Milburn, who appeared in this year's The Voice.

For more information or to donate search Eilish's Cancer Treatment Fund on Facebook.