Banish blues at ‘revive’ course in Barnsley

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A SIX-WEEK ‘relax and revive’ course designed to beat the January blues begins today at Barnsley’s Civic Gallery.

The aim is to help people to de-stress, unwind and find new ways to feel good about themselves and connect with their community.

The course, being run by Action Space Mobile, seeks to stretch the grey matter by using new creative ways to boost people’s mood and to help them feel good.

Next month, the same team will be launching the Uplift Choir for those who want to sing their way to good health as well as bring joy to others.

And, for those keen to give time and energy, there is the Uplift Army who aim to go out to inspire others to be creative and connect with others.

The ASM team will be based at the Civic Gallery until Thursday with activities bringing together art, music, poetry, philosophy and more.

n To find out more about the project, call 01226 391112.