Bangers and Laughs as Chris says sausages.

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BANGERS will be all the rage in Sheffield over the next few days – and not just at fireworks displays.

Butcher Chris Beech, of South Road, Walkley, is marking British Sausage Week next week by hosting a laughter challenge.

Chris, of Chris Beech Quality Meats, said: “I am going to hold a Banger or Clanger event on Monday.

“This is a challenge for customers to make me laugh with their best joke. If the joke’s a banger, not a clanger and gets a chuckle out of me, then the joke teller will be rewarded with a free pack of sausages.”

And winners are in for a treat as two of Chris’s sausage varieties are in the running for a top award to mark sausage week.

Chris said: “There were 230 entries for this year’s two award categories - Stand up for British Bangers and Iconic Sausage.

“In the stand up category, I won a silver award for my jubilee sausage, an old English recipe of pork, rosemary and thyme.

“In the iconic category I entered the Olympian.

“I made this to support Team GB and honour all the medals we won especially the success of our own Jess Ennis. It’s a ring of pork and cracked black pepper smeared with Greek passion grill oil.”

Winners will be announced next week.