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on Sunday, August 14, I attended the final service at Loxley Methodist Church, a little publicised event. I know that as attendances dwindle, many churches are closing. But Loxley Methodist was the home of Loxley Silver Band, which is carrying on. My cousin Derek Garner has played for them for more than 60 years.

His father also played in the band, so I have heard them perform many times. In the 1950s I attended the Sunday School and have many happy memories. My favourite time was Whitsuntide when we paraded behind the band to Hillsborough Park for the Whit Sings, complete in our new finery.

Although it was the end of an era, it was a full congregation (hardly a spare seat) that heard the band play in the old church for the last time.

Margaret Sanderson (fomerly Hodgson), Rippon Cresc, S6

Dodgy dog story

A friend swears this story is true: a fellow was recently driving down Prince of Wales Road, when he ran over a dog, killed it, and reported the accident at the police station. Later, driving up Prince of Wales Road, he struck another dog and killed it too, also reporting it at the same police station.

I know it’s not funny at all for dog-lovers, especially the two owners, but, being me, I’d have given a week’s wages to see the expression on the policeman’s face when the driver walked in to report the second accident. Wonder what the policeman said: ‘You wouldn’t have anything against dogs, sir, would you?’

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

Good service

I don’t know which dumpit site readers are going to but it’s obviously not the one at Deepcar. I go there with my rubbish every Monday as I don’t use any of my bins though I still have to pay my rates. You could not find a more helpful set of workmen, nothing is too much trouble for them as long as the rubbish is separated. They tell you where everything goes and are willing to help, you don’t even have to ask if they see you struggling. I can’t find any fault at all

Trevor Darley

Why so many at recycle centre?

what is the purpose of so many of the attendants at the recycling centre at Blackstock Road, other than to direct people to the pre-labelled parts of the site for specific items?

My husband and I (aged 82 and 67, neither in good health) took 11 bin bags of green waste to the centre and three attendants were hanging over the railings talking, laughing and watching us struggle onto the gantry to empty the bags.

We managed by sheer determination, but why are they not employed to actually help people who are struggling?

If it isn’t their purpose to help people, why are there so many of them standing or sitting around doing nothing?

It’s always the same and the one time when I actually asked for help (and had to justify why we needed help) he did so very reluctantly, grumbling all the time!

If they aren’t there to help, cut the numbers and save the city money - or make them actually work!

JY, Sheffield