Band celebrates 135 years

The Sheffield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army have celebrated an incredible 135 years in service with a concert to mak the occasion.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 5:00 am

The concert, called Steel City Brass, was held at The Salvation Army Hall at the weekend and featured contemporary and traditional music to celebrate the heritage of the band, and the city.

The Citadel Band was joined at the event by the Unite the Union band, as well as vocalist Stephanie Lamplough.

Sheffield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army band master Keith Wileman said: “Just as the stainless steel synonymous with our city of Sheffield is long lasting, so Sheffield Citadel Band is proud to be celebrating our 135th anniversary in 2016 - 135 years of music ministry in Sheffield.

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“The concert at the weekend was a fantastic way for us to celebrate in the heart of the community we serve and to thank that community, as well previous band members, for their support.

“Having the Unite the Union band, one of the most successful bands in South Yorkshire, join us on the evening really added to the variety of music, as well as the sense of community.

“Music is an important part of how The Salvation Army celebrates and our 135th anniversary was certainly a fantastic opportunity to do so.

“Sheffield Citadel Band’s beginnings were very humble, back in 1881. The first instrument was a large bell and the second an old drum. However, it quickly became an accomplished musical group and its reputation spread throughout the ‘Salvation Army’ world.

“Sheffield Citadel Band was the first Salvation Army band to make a radio broadcast, in 1923. A succession of excellent bandmasters led the band to perform all over Britain and across the globe.”