Ban call after dog mauled by pitbull in Sheffield park

Amada Sampson, with her Dog Harvey
Amada Sampson, with her Dog Harvey
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A woman whose dog was inches from death after being mauled by a pitbull says the animals should be banned.

Amanda Samson was walking her beloved pet Harvey, a six-year-old springer spaniel, in Deer Park in Stannington, Sheffield, when he was chased and grabbed by a pitbull.

Amanda could only scream in horror as it sunk its teeth into Harvey’s shoulder, while the pitbull’s owner tried to wrestle his dog off hers.

After five minutes of kicking, dragging and even biting his own dog on the ear, the owner was able to release Harvey, who along with Amanda ran straight home.

Harvey was then rushed to the vet where he has undergone an operation to save his life. He is now back at home in Woodfarm Drive, Stannington.

Amanda, aged 38, said she wants the so-called trophy dogs to be banned from parks before more pets, or even children, get hurt.

“At the moment the way I feel is I would to see them all banned,” said Amanda, who along with husband Paul, 44, has been walking Harvey on Deer Park for six years.

“Not all dogs are the same I know, and that has a lot to do with how they are brought up, but I will never set foot in that park again. It might sound dramatic but I could see the dog had a look that said it wanted to kill.”

Although she was too upset to get any details from the dog owner, she now wants the man to see the damage his dog has caused.

“As it was happening he was saying his dog didn’t like other dogs. His dog should not be off a lead in public if that is the case.

“I wish I had got some details but I just wanted to get Harvey home. He was lucky the bite missed his muscle and he will be limping for a few weeks but he should be okay. He is terrified to go outside, though.”

South Yorkshire Police said anyone who witnesses a dog attack in a public place should contact them immediately with a full description of the dog and the owner.