Ballroom duo Lexie and Christopher take to the dancefloor live on Britain's Got Talent

A dinky dancing Latin ballroom duo from Manchester and Sheffield dazzled on national television when they competed in the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent.
Lexie and Christopher on stage (Picture: Tom Dymond/SYCO/Thames)Lexie and Christopher on stage (Picture: Tom Dymond/SYCO/Thames)
Lexie and Christopher on stage (Picture: Tom Dymond/SYCO/Thames)

Lexie Joinson and Christopher Buttle, both 10, from Manchester and Sheffield respectively, have captured the hearts of the nation for their relationship after being matched on a ballroom dancing website two years ago.

Before their performance, they were shown dancing in the Winter Gardens and Peace Gardens in Sheffield city centre.

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Their dance began with Christopher dancing with a woman before Lexie came on stage and joined her partner for a dazzling display to songs including Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, Walk The Moon's Shut Up and Dance.

After their dance, judge Alesha Dixon told them: "I have to say the music choices were genius - absolutely perfect for you guys. Your technique, your footwork is so impressive for your age. I am so impressed.

"I love your relationship. It's clear that you are the boss aren't you Lexie? And you (Christopher) just go along with it and your charisma just pours out of you. You did brilliant."

Amanda Holden said: "You used every inch of that dance floor beautifully. Excellent work, well done."

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Simon Cowell told them: "I though the song choices were brilliant. Bearing in mind when we first met you, we realised there was kind of a friction but the songs said it all.

"What you did in two minutes was so different from other dancers we have seen before because you made it funny, you made interesting, it was about your personalities and I think this was really, really good.

"I think you really stepped up and made the most of your two or three minutes."

Fellow judge David Walliams joked: "Your relationship reminds me a lot me and Simon. Lexie, I see you as the Simon figure - a bit bossy, but it's hiding actually a deep love for the other person.

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"You guys are fantastic. There is nothing better than seeing two kids who have devoted their lives to something like this and they do absolutely brilliantly - better than any grown-ups."

The duo didn't make it through to the final though, with comedian Micky Kerr and dangerous balancing act the Giang Brothers progressing to Sunday's spectacle.

The final will be shown on ITV from 7.30pm on Sunday.