Bakery worker suffered beatings before being strangled and drowned in bath

30-year-old Agnieszka Dziegielewska, a Polish bakery worker, was found dead at her home address on Horsefair Close off Temperance Street, Swinton, last Thursday, 28 January 2010.
30-year-old Agnieszka Dziegielewska, a Polish bakery worker, was found dead at her home address on Horsefair Close off Temperance Street, Swinton, last Thursday, 28 January 2010.
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A YOUNG bakery worker was found strangled and drowned in her bath after enduring regular beatings at the hands of her abusive boyfriend - who later hanged himself in his prison cell while on remand charged with her murder.

Agnieszka Dziegielewska, aged 30, was ‘treated like a servant’ by 32-year-old Hossein Abdollahzadeh, who covered his partner of two years in bruises by slapping and hitting her, and refused to believe their relationship was over when she left him to escape the violence.

An inquest heard Agnieszka was found dead in the bath at her flat on Horsefair Close, off Temperance Street, Swinton, Rotherham, in January last year.

The court was told Agnieszka, a team leader and supervisor at Maple Leaf Bakery in Swinton, had been throttled with a ligature before having her head pushed under the bath water. A chair had also been placed over her body.

Pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis, who examined the body, said she could have been attacked for up to 10 minutes, and that Agnieszka had fought back by ‘struggling significantly’ before her death.

Agnieszka’s mother Jolanta and father Piotr travelled from Poland to attend the inquest into their daughter’s death at Rotherham Coroner’s Court.

In a statement, Jolanta described Agnieszka as a popular young woman who ‘always had a broad smile on her face’.

But she said Abdollahzadeh was ‘arrogant’ towards Agnieszka, adding: “He only cared about himself and nobody else. He considered himself the centre of the world and that everybody else would go out of their way to please him.”

Jolanta said Iranian-born Abdollahzadeh had previously tried to strangle her daughter in 2008, holding her neck with both hands and issuing the chilling warning: “Nobody can help you now.”

The inquest heard Agnieszka moved to the UK from Bialystok, Poland, in 2004 and met Abdollahzadeh four years later at his workplace, a takeaway pizza shop in Swinton.

Jolanta said her daughter initially ‘spoke approvingly’ about her new partner, and later moved in with him, but his attitude changed when he started making more money after opening his own takeaway.

“He started treating her like a servant and humiliating her in public,” she said. “On one occasion he slapped her so hard her tooth got loose. Each time he would explain he didn’t know why it had happened, and it wouldn’t happen again.”

Agnieszka told Abdollahzadeh to move out at the beginning of December 2009, and afterwards stayed with friends to avoid seeing her boyfriend.

Jolanta said Abdollahzadeh tried to kill himself with an overdose before Christmas, and Jolanta flew to England in January with Piotr to help Agnieszka end the relationship.

Just weeks before her death, Agnieszka complained to the police that her ex-partner had harassed her, and Abdollahzadeh was issued with a restraining order.

“Her family and friends in Poland were very shocked when they found out about her death,” Jolanta said.

Abdollahzadeh’s friend Saman Aghababaei said Agnieszka told him she’d ‘wasted two years with Hossein’, and wanted to move on and have a family.

Dr Vanezis recorded the cause of death as ligature strangulation and drowning. He said Agnieszka had four ligature marks on her neck, as well as bruising around her mouth and bleeding on her face and eyes.

Both lungs were enlarged and showed signs of her having inhaled water while gulping for air.

The inquest continues.