Bailiffs called out over £30 parking ticket

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BAILIFFS were sent to the home of a 69-year-old man embroiled in a three-year battle – over a £30 parking ticket.

John Agars, of Bole Hill Lane, Crookes, is refusing to pay the fine, imposed in 2009 after he left his van over white lines in a Bakewell car park when he was rushing his elderly mother to the toilet.

But Derbyshire Dales District Council, which manages the car park, said because Mr Agars did not appeal through the proper channels, the fine stands. The sum has now risen to £82 – plus fees added by bailiffs.

The council said it called in the bailiffs to recover the debt after Mr Agars failed to respond to letters. He has refused to let the bailiffs in, and insists he will not pay.

The retired heating engineer said: “I was given the ticket in August 2009. I was with my mother, who was 89, and I parked in a disabled space using her blue badge. We were in a rush and parked over the lines of the space.

“On returning, there was a ticket on the van. I wrote to the council disputing it because I thought I had a legitimate reason for what happened. Now the bill keeps going up.

“I’m 69 and I don’t want the hassle. I wasn’t told the proper appeal process. I want the council to cancel the ticket.”

Mr Agars – whose mother has since died – is refusing to go to Bakewell again.

A Derbyshire Dales Council spokesman said: “The problem is Mr Agars has not exercised his right to appeal the original parking offence.

“With a valid excuse, had he chosen to appeal, he may well have won, but there’s little we can do when a member of the public steadfastly refuses to acknowledge our letters.

“The debt is now £82. Any additional debt is between Mr Agars and the debt collection agency he keeps turning away. Clearly this increases on each occasion he does this.”