Bah Humbug to council

I am writing to express my dismay at the number of vehicles I saw outside the Kelham Island Victorian Market event last Saturday, with parking tickets on their windscreens.


This event, which draws people from miles around, takes place on only two days of the year.

Parking is at a premium. And all the cars I saw with tickets on them were not obstructing anything.

I tried to park there myself but failed, and my daughter and I ended up leaving the car miles away and catching the tram in.

In no way do I consider myself to be an altruist or philanthropist but I’m just wondering if Sheffield City Council would reconsider and cancel every notice, after all it IS Christmas.

What a Scrooge-esque thing to do. Can you imagine those people returning to their cars after having had a lovely time – and the Kelham Island market IS something to behold – to find a parking ticket?

It made me feel really sad.

It’s so mean.

And in light of the fact that car parking’s free in the city centre at this time of year (well, Saturday afternoons after 2pm that is), couldn’t something be done?

Couldn’t the council excuse all those people who simply wanted to have a good time?

Come on, Sheffield City Council, it’s Christmas – yet once again, bureaucracy has excelled. Not.

(Next time I am definitely NOT voting Labour!)

Ashamed to live in Sheffield

by email