Backward step for trees

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I am not sure if the Victorians and Edwardians knew that lime trees and sycamore trees were able to remove harmful particulates such as exhaust solids and dust but how lucky we are, benefiting all over Sheffield from their decision, 100 years ago, to plant them along so many of our roads.

It therefore seems a backward step to now cut them down when they are in their prime, with many many more years of life, just so that Amey can make our roads and pavements look uniform. Amey have their remit but surely there should be scope for compromise to safeguard our trees.

It is the responsibility of our elected council to protect the trees for our benefit and for the benefit of future generations.

I realise that the decision will probably end up being a monetary one but nearly 5,000 people are asking our council to consider very carefully before letting Amey remove any more trees.

Where ever you live in Sheffield I hope that you will take a moment of your time to sign the petition as soon as possible so that the fate of any further trees can be discussed at the next council meeting.


Zoe Borrowdale

by email