Backlog of bins in Sheffield ‘not good enough’

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OVERSPILLING food, the fear of vermin, broken glass bottles and rows of black bins clogging city streets...

Those are the complaints raised by countless Sheffield residents - as it emerged tens of thousands of bins have still not been collected following disruption from last week’s snow.

The Star has been inundated with calls about problems persisting, long after the snow and ice has thawed.

Some residents say collections are a week behind or more, with issues reported in S2, S5, S9, S10, S14, Southey, City Road, Manor Park, Gleadless Valley, Wincobank and Shiregreen.

Steven Smith said on The Star’s Facebook page ‘S2 looks like the end of the world’.

Sarah Kelly added: “Bins on Manor Park should have been emptied on Friday but we’re still waiting. When fortnightly collections get behind and the bins are full, what are we supposed to do?”

Waste crews have worked extra shifts to clear a backlog of rubbish created by the wintry weather.

But some residents said that was ‘not good enough’.

Donna Eyre said: “The roads are clear, so what’s stopping the bin men? They can’t blame it on snow anymore because we haven’t got any.”

And James Oxby said on Twitter: “Nineteenth day now and no collection.”

Paul Weston wrote: “City Road and the majority of properties within the area have roads, streets, and lanes with black bins outside their houses - it makes the area look untidy.

“Of course the council still takes our council tax, and once again fails to deliver.”

In Rotherham a council spokesman said its waste collections had been ‘back on track’ by last Friday ‘apart from the odd one or two’ - with a normal service this week.

Forecasters predict the chance of ‘the odd flurry of snow’ in Sheffield at the weekend. But ice is likely, as temperatures plunge to minus two.

What you’ve been saying online about bin collection delays

Liam Mellor

“We live at Manor Top and were due on Friday - still waiting, with rubbish all over.”

Ted 1867

“The bin service is a disgrace!

I live at Wincobank, no sign of a bin man and the wind has blown rubbish everywhere.”

Caz Maw

“Mine got emptied a day late, in the S8 area, and I asked the guys to take a couple of extra bags that wouldn’t go in the bin.

“They happily obliged and as always had a smile and a wave for my toddler.”

Claire Louise Hatton

“We live at S6 and no, the bins have not been emptied. It’s getting messy. Disgusting.”

Nether Edge Coun Nikki Bond

“Crews did double shifts this weekend to try to catch up.”

Tina Hallows

“My bin on S5 hasn’t missed being emptied, and my road was bad that day.”

Steve Tav

“Constantly chasing litter down the road. How is it that Royal Mail and Fed Ex can make it but bin men say it’s not safe?”

Sarah Barlow

“S2 bins still not emptied - food all over.”

Jill Hallam

“The wind has blown the blue bins over in S5 and there is glass and plastic rolling everywhere. I’ve had to go out and pick broken glass off the road.”

Boris Plerne

“Ours was missed in S8 but I’m sure it will be done next Tuesday as per the schedule.

“I think we can forgive them for not risking driving down an icy sideroad which had not been cleared or gritted.

Laura Louise Ledger

“Same on Southey - there’s rubbish all over and it doesn’t help when kids are kicking bins over.”

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