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According to recent letters,if we don’t want “the government” to get in, we have to vote UKIP. So what would they be then? – and – “More people voted against Labour than for them, so that’s why we should vote for UKIP”.

But even more people voted against UKIP than voted against Labour. And if you take it to its “logical” conclusion, since 66 per cent didn’t vote for anyone, the majority of the people don’t want any of them, including UKIP. So hooray for anarchy.

And if you’re sitting there scratching your head, that’s exactly how I feel every time I read one of these UKIPpers’ letters.

Roll on May 8, let’s get back to sanity.

And may the best man win, but please God, don’t let it be the Frenchman.

Norman Duff

Heighton View, Aughton, Sheffield, S26