Back to old ways

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I cannot belleive that Labour wants to take council housing back into the bad old days of waiting weeks for repairs, diverting housing money from council housing so properties get run down again, not listening and acting on tenants’ complaints and being treated condescendingly.

Remember the ‘council knows best’ attitude?

The Arms Length Management Organisation has been judged excellent three times by the audit commission, no other ALMO nationally achieved this status, yet the council wants to spend nearly half a million pounds on a consultation process that may be taken into consideration but states their preferred option is to return to council control.

The report states no final decision will be made until after the consultation but why waste money when page 10, of The Future of Council Housing in the cabinet report (paragraph 7.6) states ‘It is important to know that the tenant vote cannot be binding’ and is only to ascertain tenant views.

Page 4 (par 3.1) says ‘the final decision will be made by cabinet’, no matter what the outcome of the tenant vote.

You can see the full report on the council website and it will be discussed on October 19. To me, this means that even if tenants vote to keep the ALMO the council will do what it wants.

Tenants and leaseholders in Sheffield have had a far better deal by the ALMO than with the council and the ALMO is fully accountable to the council, so why change a good thing?

The consultation and return to the council will cost money that we can ill afford. Why change something that works to go back into the unknown?

JD, S5 (ex-board member)