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Steve Johnson, (Letters), tells of Councillor Terry Fox holding his palms outstretched saying he cannot make a knee jerk reaction.

We are not talking about a knee jerk reaction. Coun Terry Fox says if everyone picked up a piece of rubbish it could make a huge difference to our city.

I would like to remind Coun Fox, it is our city and you are destroying it.

If Amey continue with trees you will not have to clean up the leaves. Not only will there be no trees there will be no birds and no where for them to roost, so no mess.

Make no mistake, though, Coun Fox, the birds will have nowhere to roost and when the pavements break up, not because of trees, but because they are not being edged or retained, our pavements will resemble a war zone and this is a reminder.

No one is inspecting their work and your name will not be shouted with praise when the birds do finally come home to roost.

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