Baby ‘killed in attack by dad’

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A DAD killed his seven-week-old son in a violent attack by shaking the tiny baby and striking him on the head with a hard object, a court heard.

Kieron Hutchinson died of ‘extremely serious’ head injuries at Sheffield Children’s Hospital four days after allegedly being attacked while alone with his father Ian Hutchinson, aged 24.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Kieron was left with a 7.5cm skull fracture, bruising, spinal damage and bleeding behind both eyes following the assault, which happened at his grandmother Georgina Hutchinson’s house on Station Road, Chapeltown.

Jurors heard the violence could have been sparked when Hutchinson became frustrated because he wasn’t able to change his son’s nappy.

Bryan Cox QC, prosecuting, said the incident happened after 6.15pm on September 3 last year, while Hutchinson’s wife Rebecca was out shopping at a local supermarket with Georgina.

Kieron was seen by a GP in the morning, but the doctor had no concerns, and the infant also behaved normally during the afternoon, Mr Cox said.

“When Kieron became very poorly he was in the defendant’s sole care,” Mr Cox told the court.

“These were grave injuries. The defendant either struck his head with a hard object, or forcefully propelled his head into a hard object.

“In addition, it’s probable that Kieron was violently shaken.”

An ambulance was called when Rebecca rushed back after being phoned by Hutchinson, who denies murder.

Two days before his son’s death, Hutchinson was interviewed by police under caution.

He told officers he’d tried to feed Kieron, and then noticed he needed his nappy changing, but couldn’t find any baby wipes.

He said Kieron started screaming while he called Rebecca, and that shortly afterwards he ‘coughed and then went quiet’.

But Mr Cox said: “The combination of these injuries could not have been caused by an accident.”

A post-mortem examination found damaged ribs, indicating the baby had been assaulted before, Mr Cox added.

The trial continues.