Baby helps mother slim

Angelina Ward and Hilary Jones
Angelina Ward and Hilary Jones
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A MUM who was spurred into losing five stones after her weight affected her pregnancy scans has made it to the finals of a slimming contest.

Angelina Ward, aged 33, dropped from 15st 1lb to 9st 11lb and became one of 48 women - representing 400,000 others from across the UK - to appear in the finals of Slimming World’s Woman of the Year.

Angelina Ward before her weight loss.

Angelina Ward before her weight loss.

She decided to take action after medical notes from her first ultrasound of son Harry said the image was ‘poor’ because of her weight.

Mum-of-two Angelina, of Halfway, Sheffield, said: “Because I was a big lady and already had excess weight it was hard for them to get a good picture of the baby.

“It was that which made me say, ‘right, that’s it, as soon as I’ve had this baby the weight’s coming off’.”

Harry was born in August 2010. In November Angelina joined the Birley Slimming World group and has never looked back.

She shed the weight to win the group and district Woman of the Year title and is now setting up her own group in Mosborough.

Angelina added: “As soon as I went through the doors to my first class I was so determined.

“It has changed my life and now I want to do that for others.

“The Birley group has been absolutely fantastic, for the support I have had I just can’t thank them enough.”

The new Mosborough Slimming World group will meet every Monday at 7pm in Mosborough Elim Church from January 9.